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What is Toll Processing or Toll Manufacturing in California?

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When a cannabis farmer, or grower with a lot of cannabis biomass, hires someone else to do the work for them, this is called “toll processing.” The type of work they hire a company to do is extraction, extracting the THC from the biomass using either CO2, Ethanol, Butane, or other types of solvents.  People who work with cannabis cultivators and extract THC from the cannabis biomass do it for a per pound fee or on a “shared” basis called a split.  Houdini Lab™ is a California licensed manufacturer that provides toll processing cannabis. This process is also called:


  • Tolling cannabis in California
  • Toll processor cannabis in California
  • Toll manufacturing in California
  • Toll manufacturing contract cannabis in California
  • Cannabis toll conversion in California
  • Cannabis toll extraction in California
  • Cannabis toll distillation in California
  • Cannabis toll distillation in California
  • Cannabis toll isolation in California
  • Cannabis toll processing lab in California
  • Cannabis toll processing service in California
  • Cannabis toll processing splits in California
  • Cannabis contract manufacturing in California
  • Cannabis contract processing in California
  • Cannabis custom manufacturing in California
  • Cannabis toll processing manufacturers in California


Once we receive the delivery of your company’s dried biomass, it is assigned a unique internal lot number. This number is entered into our batch tracking system called Metrc and is used to track the batch progress. Houdini Lab™ will either turn the biomass into crude, an unrefined oil, or distillate, a refined oil that is much cleaner with a higher THC potency. Our average potency on distillate is 90-95%. We have an additional charge to provide the more refined oil called distillate or isolate. 


Houdini Lab™ is one of the largest extraction labs in California and on the West Coast. We can do any size job for you, no matter how big or small. Our lab can process large amounts of biomass and turn it into crude, distillate, or isolate.   Our toll processing service customers can pick up their bulk crude or distillate THC at our Sacramento, CA facility. 


Why Cannabis Toll extraction or Cannabis Toll conversion?


Cannabis Toll extraction lets farmers do what they do best, grow crops. Making a lot of THC crude oil or THC cannabis oil is a complicated and time-consuming process requiring expensive extraction equipment. Without running their extraction lab, farmers can get the most profitable part of their biomass, THC oil. Houdini Lab™ does this for them. Farmers who work with Houdini Lab™ to process their cannabis biomass into bulk THC extracts can expect competitive prices and complete transparency at every step of the way. As one of California’s largest Cannabis Toll processing companies, we ensure that the farmers who work with us get the most out of their biomass, which means they get the best distillate at the best price.


THC distillate is produced using CO2 extraction


What types or forms of THC oil can you produce from cannabis biomass?


We can process your material into many types of THC extract forms, including:


  • Full Spectrum Winterized Decarboxylated Oil
  • Full Spectrum Distillate
  • Broad Spectrum Distillate
  • Distillate, terpenes, and cannabinoids separated


If your company is interested in speaking with Houdini Lab, please email us at info@houdinilab.com or call (925) 390-3171 houdinilab.com @houdinilab420 Youtube Copyright © 2022 | Global Consortium Group LLC | All Rights Reserved

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Toll Processing

Converting biomass into extract in the form of oil, distillate, isolate and other forms in the great state of California.










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