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What is Cannabis toll processing or Cannabis toll manufacturing, and should my company do it?

What is Toll Processing Cannabis?

Toll processing is when a licensed extraction facility processes another licensed practitioner’s (LP) cannabis for money. If an LP wants to use tolling, it will source or grow its biomass and send it to a trusted partner who will then extract, refine, and formulate it to meet the LP’s needs. This could include THC, crude oils, and even cannabis terpenes.

Our Capabilities


Houdini Lab™ is a California licensed manufacturer in Sacramento, California is the state’s premier cannabis tolling processor. Also referred to as a cannabis toll extraction in California, it has many other terms listed below, which refer to the same service provided by a company by a licensed entity that processes cannabis legally in California. Other terms used to find these types of companies are:


  • Tolling cannabis California
  • Toll processor cannabis California
  • Toll manufacturing California
  • Toll manufacturing contract cannabis California
  • Cannabis toll conversion California
  • Cannabis toll extraction California
  • Cannabis toll distillation California
  • Cannabis toll distillation California
  • Cannabis toll isolation California
  • Cannabis toll processing lab California
  • Cannabis toll processing service California
  • Cannabis toll processing splits California
  • Cannabis contract manufacturing California
  • Cannabis contract processing in California
  • Cannabis custom manufacturing California
  • Cannabis toll processing manufacturers California


Houdini Lab™ is one of very few Cannabis toll processing manufacturers in California which carry the Type 6 and Type 7 licenses for extraction. Type 6 is Non-volatile extraction which uses ethanol or CO2. Type 7 uses Butane (BHO), a Volatile

extraction process that can be more dangerous to the operators when not properly licensed and regulated. We produce high-quality and consistent distillate, isolate, and crude oil for all types of cultivators and brands across California. 


Working with us lets you tap into our expertise, long history of excellent toll processing, and high quality of toll manufacturing cannabis in California at a lower cost when cannabis toll conversion in California is your top priority. 


Sauce which is produced using Butane Extraction


Why process with Houdini Lab?


We use proprietary processes for our CO2 Extraction, Ethanol Extraction, and Butane Extraction, which were learned over many years of refinement.  The team at Houdini Lab™ has more than 35 years of experience in the cannabis industry and the cannabis toll processing lab. We can process fresh frozen, cured flower and trim them into many types of cannabis concentrates, including:



We also offer services to produce:



What are the benefits of toll processing?


We use a unique ethanol extraction system that hasn’t been used anywhere else in the cannabis industry.

We can make cannabis concentrates out of fresh, frozen, cured, and dried flower and trim that we buy.

Concentrates come in many different forms, such as Live Resin, Sauce, Shatter, Diamonds, Crumble, Badder, Budder, Crude Oil/FECO, Distillate, etc.


People who do cannabis toll processing make things people can smoke or ingest like concentrates, live resins, sauce, distillate, and more. If you hire us, we do the work for you so you can turn plant biomass into effective cannabis products with our standardized extraction methods so that you can make more money.


Distillate is produced at Houdini Lab located in Sacramento, California


In what ways is Toll Processing better than other forms of processing?


For most people who grow cannabis, it isn’t worth the money or time to run their extraction facility. Additional permits, equipment maintenance, employees, and other costs can make it a costly project that should be outsourced to a company that can get things done quickly and provides high-quality service. With Houdini Lab, you can grow rapidly and work with a team that has been through this before.

What are the benefits of cannabis toll extraction in California?

For most people who grow cannabis, it isn’t worth the money or time to run their extraction facility. 

Additional permits, equipment maintenance, employees, and other costs can make it a costly project that should be outsourced to a company that can get things done quickly and provides high-quality service at a lower price.   

With Houdini Lab, you can grow quickly and work with a team that has been through this before.

Why choose Houdini Lab?


  • Collaborative calls to ensure your biomass brings you the maximum value
  • Proprietary processes for maximum yield
  • Competitive pricing
  • Maximum value through quality products
  • Enhanced BHO filtering
  • Butane, CO2, and Ethanol extraction choices



Product Opportunities


Use our lab to turn your cannabis biomass into THC oil and concentrate. Our cannabis toll processing services in California can make a wide range of formulations and consistency, depending on what you want. Here are some ways we can make edibles, vapes, topicals, and more. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call us.


  • Crude Oil
  • Refined Oil
  • Distillate Oil
  • Isolate oil
  • Concentrates are made up of wax, shatter, budder, crumble, sauce, diamonds, live resin, etc. 


Weighing the pros and cons

Choosing the proper extraction method for your business is essential because high-quality cannabis distillate has never been more popular.


Think about your company’s short-term and long-term goals when considering our three-extraction options butane, CO2, or ethanol extraction.


  • Over the next few years, do you want to grow your production capacity? 
  • Do you want to get your product on the market as quickly as possible? 
  • Do you have the money and skills to do this on your own?

These are just a few things to consider when considering which extraction method is best for you. 

Fortunately, the industry is always coming up with new ways to meet your needs.


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