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What Exactly Does a Cannabis Vape Contain?

No surprise here: what distinguishes  from its competitors is the high level of rigor with which we scrutinize all processes and inputs employed in the Labs manufacturing platform, which we insist on. One outcome of this rigor in the context of cannabis vaping is that our vapes are well-known for providing a clean experience: When producing our distillate,  Lab does not use MCT carrier oil or diluents such as Vitamin E Acetate or Phytol. These first two compounds were linked to the reported adverse physical effects experienced by vaping consumers in 2019, while the third substance is currently the subject of potential toxicological concern in the scientific community.

 Labs requires vaping delivery devices to pass through multiple layers of scrutiny before they can be approved for use. This team is in charge of overseeing the full qualification process for vape hardware and cannabis-infused products at  Labs.

The methods by which we obtain our cannabis

In our company,  Labs, we are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality that meet or exceed the criteria of all current regulations. All of our product offers begin with high-quality dried cannabis as their foundation. The cannabis we acquire is grown by Canadian cannabis farmers who have passed through our internal vendor qualification program. The quality of every received cannabis is assessed in accordance with European Pharmacopia herbal goods standards, as well as our internal product specifications, as well as further testing, before it is released into manufacturing.

Certification, reputation, dependability, and the capacity to offer high-quality products and particular cannabinoids are all important considerations when selecting suppliers. When it comes to manufacturing cannabis products with precision dosing, a reliable source and continuous supply are essential in order to provide predictable and consistent experiences for patients and consumers.

Following the selection of providers, the procured cannabis product is processed using our supercritical CO2 extraction and short-path distillation procedures to produce distillate, which is our primary ingredient and normally has an 83-90 percent purity and a clear, golden color. Vapes containing cannabis are filled in a specialized Vape Filling Room at  Labs, and they are manufactured in accordance with an effective Preventive Control Plan that has been developed and implemented for vape products in order to prevent any addition of biological, physical, or chemical hazards during the manufacturing process.  Labs’ daily activities are conducted in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices that meet the requirements of Health Canada for the cannabis extract product class.

Ingredients in our cannabis vape juice

The only two ingredients in  Labs’ cannabis vapes are cannabis distillate and terpenes, and they are both extracted from cannabis.

We do not use any carrier oils, such as MCT oil, or thinning agents, such as Vitamin E Acetate, Propylene Glycol, or Phytol, and we will not use any in the future.

We use botanically generated terpenes to create consistent and superior flavor profiles because the extraction procedure removes the naturally occurring terpenes from the cannabis plant during the extraction process. However, while it would be good to include cannabis-derived terpenes, our examination of such vendors revealed that none were capable of delivering on GMP alternatives with the related purity and quality standards. Terpenes are sourced from a provider who is ISO- and Food Safety System-certified and who serves the food and fragrance industries, respectively. After processing, representative samples from each batch of cannabis extract and final goods produced by  Labs are evaluated for quality assurance purposes.

This high level of attention to quality, both in the product and in the manufacturing process, results in cannabis vape goods that can be relied on by customers and medical professionals.

The consumer is ultimately the beneficiary of all of the rigor employed in maintaining quality standards, according to Nigel Dewsbury, Head of Quality. Labs will always place quality and safety above any other business considerations, in accordance with our company’s ethos and product guarantee