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Water-Based Cannabis Extraction

I would like to present to you the IASO Corporation.
Iaso Corporation has just recently presented the cannabis business with a cutting-edge new technology known as Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction. This cutting-edge new technology is an innovative new extraction method. Iaso derives its name from traditional medicinal practices of the past and is associated with the Greek goddess of health, wellbeing, and remedies. This symbolism is at the heart of the company’s objective to supply customers with cannabis goods of the greatest possible quality as well as novel and forward-thinking cannabis technologies.

The company was established in 2015, and in 2018 it introduced several innovative technologies to the cannabis market. These technologies are all going to radically alter the current landscape of the cannabis industry. One of these innovations is called PhytoXTM, and it was the very first system to ever make use of hydrodynamic cannabis extraction in the process of developing cannabis products.



One of the most recent innovations in the burgeoning cannabis market is a method of extracting cannabis called hydrodynamic cannabis extraction. In order to extract uncompromised full spectrum chemicals, cannabinoids, and terpenes, it processes whole plants that have been newly picked and uses a mix of heat, pressure, and hydrocavitation to do so. Freshly harvested plants are used. The utilization of fresh plant material and the method of processing both contribute to the preservation of unstable and volatile chemicals.


How does it come into effect?

The procedure is completed thanks to the system’s several stages, which are as follows:


In the first stage, the compounds are frozen so that the biomolecules can be preserved, the bioavailability can be increased, and the scent can be maintained while the fresh plant materials are being prepared.


In the second stage, plant matter is broken down into nanoemulsions with the use of hydrodynamic force and ultrasonication. The plant material’s cell walls are shattered during this process, which results in their transition into the liquid phase of the reaction.


In the third stage, methods of centrifugal separation are utilized in order to separate the molecules.


In the fourth stage, the temperature that was generated by the hydrodynamic process is incorporated into a cold extraction procedure in order to separate the active cannabinoids from the other molecules. At this point, the whole active particles have entered the phase of the solvent.


In the fifth stage, the solvents are distilled in an environment with a low temperature and a short combination route. This helps to maintain the integrity of the elements that have been extracted.


At the sixth stage, a low-temperature drying technique is utilized, which further guarantees that the molecules will not be damaged. During this stage, residual solvents are eliminated with the use of VTD.


In what ways is it distinct from other methods of extraction?


The technology is the first of its kind to be able to employ cannabis plants in their full, newly harvested form as well as those that have been dried.

As a result, it is also the first company to make cannabis concentrate from fresh cannabis that has not been previously processed.

In contrast to many other delivery methods, concentrates have the ability to maintain the whole cannabinoid and terpene profile of the original cannabis. This can be a significant advantage.

The PhytoX™ system includes a unique pre-processing step. When the plant material is frozen before it is processed, the molecules are able to keep their aromatic components, which gives the molecules a greater perfume.

The procedure does not call for the utilization of any other solvents.

Because of the technologies used in Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction, the extraction process never goes over a low temperature.

THCa is converted into active THC using the hydrodynamic extraction process, which generates its own intrinsic heat.


Because of the novel ability to process whole, fresh plants, the extracts have a superior nature due to their increased bioavailability. This contributes to the success of the company. The hydrodynamic method of extracting cannabinoids from cannabis has various advantages over the more conventional methods, one of which is an enhanced bioavailability of the cannabinoids.


The extraction of phytocannabinoids from active trichomes is the primary focus of this technology, which has been developed with the goal of achieving the highest possible level of effectiveness. Due to the fact that the plant is changed into nanoemulsions during this process, the potency is increased, and it is also possible to get a higher level of bioavailability.


There are numerous techniques for extraction, but none of them can ensure the purity of unstable chemicals. The hydrodynamic extraction method is designed to use fresh plants in their whole, which helps to preserve the integrity of the volatile compounds. Additionally, the phytocannabinoids are protected from thermal degradation as a result of the patented distillation process, which further ensures that molecular integrity is maintained.


The aroma of the cannabis products that were produced as a result is more potent than that of conventional extracts. The aromatic compounds are able to keep their integrity thanks to the fact that the plant material is frozen during the preparation step of the system. In addition to this, the PhytoXTM system makes use of a liquid extraction method, which does not call for the use of any other co-solvents. This technique not only lowers the overall production costs but also improves the overall quality of the product for the end user. However, if there are any solvents left over after the process, the system also makes use of a vacuum during the drying step. This ultimately results in the removal of any residual solvents that may have been left over.


Another key benefit of the hydrodynamic extraction system is that, in addition to maximizing plant utilization more than any other approach, it also lowers expenses linked to processing while simultaneously raising production levels. This is a significant win-win situation. PhytoXTM, an innovative hydrodynamic cannabis extraction method, produces a product with superior bioavailability and quality and less overall processing costs. This is one advantage that businesses and cultivators in the cannabis industry will undoubtedly be interested in, because it produces a product using PhytoXTM produces a product using PhytoXTM produces a product using PhytoXTM produces a product using PhytoX