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True, Full-Spectrum Tinctures Are Available Through Spagyric Cannabis Extraction

Many believe that philosophy and alchemy reached a point of maturity where they might be considered science and then lost their relevance. Nonetheless, as Spagyric alchemical activities expand in favor due to their apparent usefulness, these ancient practices may once again demonstrate that they have much to offer the modern world.


Spagyric’s etymological origins include spa-, which comes from the Greek word (spao), which means to draw or separate, and -gyr-, which comes from the word (ageiro), which means to congregate. As a result, spagyric is defined as the process of disassembling and reassembling. Spagyrics is now used to refer to herbal medicine that has been developed via the use of alchemical procedures, although it was previously used to refer to alchemical practice in general.


To make cannabis tinctures, this entails taking the biomass after it has been soaked in alcohol, burning it to a white or gray ash, separating the soluble components, crystallizing them, and then reintroducing them into the tincture after they have crystallized. These crystals can be used with any cannabis extract without causing any problems.


Spagyric tinctures are distinct from ordinary tinctures in that they do not concentrate on the cannabinoids or substances found in cannabis, but rather on the plant’s mind, soul, and body as a whole. These are used to describe the nature of all plants in alchemy.


The aroma of the plant or the essential oils is the scent of the soul.

The traditional tincture of the plant, or the alcohol extract of the plant, is called the mind.

The body is made up of crystallized soluble molecules that are found in the ash of the plant or in the salt, respectively.

Cannabis tinctures, especially hemp tinctures, are subjected to spagyric alchemical processes, which begin with the production of one as is customary. Pour 96 percent proof alcohol or higher over decarboxylated cannabis and allow it to soak for many weeks, stirring the liquid once a day, according to the manufacturer. After your selected waiting period, whether it is a month or several months, you will get the mind of the cannabis, in other words, a tincture, as well as the mark or spent plant matter, depending on your preference.


Separate the biomass from the tincture and set them aside. The tincture is sometimes referred to as the menstruum in some circles. Then, using a high-temperature flame, burn the mark until it turns white or gray in color. Ash contains the exact proportions of chemicals that make up the plant’s constituent parts.


In order to create an alkaline solution, combine the cannabis ash with water. Obtaining the crystalline body of the plant requires harvesting the soluble components from the fluid. Spagyric mixtures are created by mixing essential oils, tincture, and crystals together in equal parts.



In their argument for using spagyric alchemy to extract chemicals from biomass in cannabis products, proponents believe that integrating the whole spectrum of accessible minerals boosts bioavailability by increasing the amount of available minerals. The theory is based on the entourage effect, which asserts that the mixing of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes present in cannabis strains delivers distinct benefits that are not provided by the isolated constituents of the plant itself. A cannabis extraction is created by re-introducing all of the natural components of the plant into the extraction, and this creates the blueprint for the plant to be absorbed.


Spagyric alchemists also prefer to operate with low heat for decarboxylation, believing that this maintains the cannabis components found in the plant better than using high heat. Theoretically, these considerate additions boost bioavailability of the medication.


Alchemists are those who work with the design of nature. Paracelsus, a Swiss physician who lived in the 1500s and wrote about Spagryics, believed that it was humans’ obligation to take plants, break them down into their constituent elements, and recombine them into ideal medicine. The gift of plants is a blessing, and spagyrics is the nurturing of that blessing to its utmost potential.



The practice of spagyric alchemy, like most of alternative medicine, is viewed with suspicion by the scientific community and is therefore discouraged. Despite the fact that there are no studies comparing CBD extracts to spagyric combinations, when considering the research behind the entourage effect as well as personal experience, spagyrics is a respectable practice to put your trust in.


Although it is not yet known what effect this sort of alchemy has on the strength of cannabis compounds, many people swear by the method’s effectiveness.



The spirit of alchemy is propelled by creativity in the same way that philosophy is propelled by creativity. Spagyrics equipment is reasonably priced, starting at less than $50. In order to run a small-scale operation, in addition to normal tincture-making equipment, the following items are needed:


a technique for burning the mark

A container filled with distilled water is provided.

a method of collecting the plant’s body from an alkaline combination is described.

Large-scale cultivators can be more inventive with their equipment and incorporate spagyrics into their operations for as long as they choose. For those who are willing to put in the effort to build the necessary technology, the procedure can also be automated.



For individuals who are interested in making spagyric cannabis tinctures, there is a significant potential available right now. While spagyric CBD tinctures are already widely available on the internet, there are now just a few products with certificates of analysis available for purchase in registered cannabis provisioning facilities that are created using spagyric procedures.


As the popularity of alternative spirituality continues to expand, and as the number of witches in the world grows, the need for these products will only increase in the future. Spagyric methods of extraction are both economical and provide access to a market that is in desperate need of a product like this.