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Toll Processing

Toll Processing in California

Also called contract processing, tolling, toll conversion, and toll manufacturing allow companies to convert their cannabis biomass to cannabis extract such as crude oil, distillate, isolate, and more. Processing cannabis starts with drying, curing, and trimming cannabis biomass or flower to ensure that cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved for extraction. 

Whether you’re looking for a single extraction or an ongoing processing arrangement, we are here to help. 

Plant matter we process

We process Fresh Frozen (Live Resin), Trim, and Bud.

Consistencies provided:
  • Crude
  • Distillate 
  • Isolate 

Toll Processing Facility License

Before considering a toll processing provider, it is essential to understand the facility licensing, as this will impact the quality of the end product. Houdini Lab is a Type 6- Non-Volatile Solvent Extractor and Type 7-Volatile Solvent Extractor licensed by the State of California, Department of Public Health under the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, located in Sacramento.

Toll Extraction 

Toll extraction services utilize Cannabis Flower or biomass and extract the raw oil or crude, sold or further processed.


Toll Distillation 

Toll distillation services turn THC oil into refined distillate, which can be sold or further processed.


Toll Isolation

Toll isolation services turn distillate into purified THC isolate, sold or utilized for finished products.


Toll Processing Splits

A popular way for cultivators or brands to reduce cost and address cash flow challenges is through a “toll processing split.” Houdini Lab would process the client’s biomass and produce crude, distillate, or purified isolate. In this type of relationship, a percentage of the processed product is agreed to beforehand as payment for the service with no cost to the client.

Full Services Support

We work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure speed, quality and cost-efficiency. Our R&D team and production facility work side by side to quickly develop, prototype, and ramp up manufacturing and packaging.


Our testing standards meet or exceed every criteria set by the State of California. Our COA’s are conduct by licensed 3rd party laboratories. Products produced by Houdini Lab contain zero cutting agents: No viscosity thinners or thickeners, cutting agents, artificial, food grade or botanical terpenes, flavorings, vitamin E acetate, PG, VG, MCT or PEG.

Our testing standards meet or exceed every criterion set by California.
Licensed Laboratories
We utilize the best-in-class, licensed, 3rd party laboratories in California.
Zero Additives
We utilize the best-in-class, licensed, 3rd party laboratories in California.
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What We Do

Toll Processing

Converting biomass into extract in the form of oil, distillate, isolate and other forms in the great state of California.










*Sourcing & Processing

*Extraction & Distillation



*Testing & Verification

*Shipping & Logistics