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The Revolution of Rosin

Rosin has quickly gained popularity in the cannabis industry over the last four years, primarily due to its ability to extract cannabis without the use of solvents. Using rosin presses, cultivators were able to appeal to customers and businesses wanting for purer products. This was a process of extraction that immediately became popular throughout the industry. With the introduction of the new Access rosin Machine, recent technological advances have propelled rosin to the forefront of the industry. A one-of-a-kind invention aimed for growers and processors, the machine was unveiled by its inventor Spencer Sutnik at the 2018 MJBizCon. The machine has the ability to triple the production of professional rosin presses, according to its designer. Now, let’s take a look at why the Access rosin machine has such tremendous potential for cannabis farmers all around the world.


As marijuana regulation continues to encourage the use of cleaner products, farmers are increasingly turning to rosin presses, which have been dubbed “game changers.”


Rosin is a method of extracting resin from marijuana products such as flowers or hash that is used to make rosin. The procedure combines tremendous heat with immense pressure to produce a hash oil that is free of solvents (SHO). In the flowering stage of the plant, the oil is harvested from the trichomes heads of the plant, which is when the oil is extracted.


A Technique That Doesn’t Use Solvents


One of the reasons that rosin is such a popular extraction method is that it is a solvent-free technique (SHO), as opposed to, for example, BHO (Butane Hash Oil), which is a solvent-based extraction procedure. However, the use of solvent-based procedures raises questions about their safety and health. Extracts produced via the rosin process are purer and do not contain any contaminants, making them more desirable to both farmers and customers.


New entrants into the rosin production industry From the beginning to the conclusion, rosin has received high praise for its effectiveness and efficiency. Today, consumers and growers can choose from a wide range of rosin presses that are designed specifically for their needs. The simplicity of the process, as well as the results — better output and faster turnover — have elevated rosin to the status of cannabis industry “trend of the year” in 2015. Cultivators benefit from the technology since it streamlines the process while increasing yields. Some well-known names in the rosin manufacturing industry, such as PurePressure and Roisin Tech, have emerged in recent years.

As technology improvements propel the cannabis business, including the production of rosin presses, the new Access Rosin Machine was created to meet the demand.


Not only do the Access Rosin V3.2 hot plates have an original design, but they are also a significant advancement above what is currently available on the market. It is anticipated that the patent-pending plates will result in higher yields — in fact, they may be able to treble the production of flower extracts.

A 4-square pyramid heat plate, which is groundbreaking in comparison to previous machines that have two little metal plates on small square inches, is featured on the new Access rosin. When compared to standard rosin pressing machines, the design, according to Marijuana Business, allows manufacturers to extract four times the number of flowers from a certain amount of flower

Extraction of Oil Made Simple

Because the pyramid plates allow oil to drain straight onto a surface or catchment, Sutnik is proud of this innovation because it eliminates the need for producers to scrape oil out of paper, which is a common practice with other pressing machines. While other firms concentrated on temperature control, Access Rosin is a major disruptor because the process relies on imaginative design as a technique to extract the oil from the rosin seeds.

Sitnik explained that while other firms concentrated on electrical components and digital features that controlled heat temperatures, his company concentrated on reducing the size of the heat plates to improve efficiency.

A Significantly Increased Amount of Oil Was Extracte

The machine, which has two sets of four plates, for a total of eight plates, can result in larger yields and a faster turnover for growers. Indeed, according to Sutnik, the rosin press is capable of producing up to 1,900 pounds of pressure per square inch – allowing for the processing of more flowers at the same time.

Achieving greater oil extraction efficiency is something farmers are constantly striving for.

Features that stand out in terms of technology

Because of its double-acting and hydraulic operation, the rosin machine is more durable and can operate for a longer period of time with less maintenance, as opposed to conventional rosin press machines, which require more maintenance. In addition, the check valves are loaded automatically, which is beneficial for processing big volumes of hemp and can ensure that all oil is separated from the hemp.