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Bulk CO2 & Ethanol Crude

Houdini Lab provides bulk CO2 and Ethanol Crude oil as part of its many services and products. Both processes entail immersing a plant in another solution, the material employed in CO2 and ethanol extraction differs significantly. CO2 is a gas that naturally exists in the atmosphere, but it can be converted to a semi-liquid state given the right conditions. It can be utilized as an extraction solvent in this state, referred to as “supercritical.”


The fundamental advantage of ethanol extraction is its simplicity. The solvent isn’t expensive or difficult to find, and it may be reused several times. Furthermore, the equipment necessary for ethanol extraction is significantly less costly and complex than that required for CO2 extraction.


Whether your preference is CO2 crude or ethanol crude, we have you covered. Our clients purchase both in bulk, and we additionally create products based on our protocols for the consumer market. Whatever your needs may be, contact us for any questions or clarification, and we will be happy to assist you.

Bulk CO2 & Ethanol Crude

Our bulk CO2 and Ethanol Crude oil is created using Apeks Supercritical and Delta Separations extraction systems. The resulting material is of the highest quality and potency. CO2 and Ethanol crude oil can be purchased in bulk if you are a brand looking for additional products or would like Houdini Lab to create your products for your new brand.



Our testing standards meet or exceed every criterion set by the State of California. Our COA’s are conduct by licensed 3rd party laboratories. Products produced by Houdini Lab contain zero cutting agents: No viscosity thinners or thickeners, cutting agents, artificial, food-grade or botanical terpenes, flavorings, vitamin E acetate, PG, VG, MCT or PEG..

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Converting biomass into extract in the form of oil, distillate, isolate and other forms in the great state of California.










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