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Is Cannabis Toll Processing Splits or Cannabis Toll Conversion right for your brand?

As the retail cannabis market grows more competitive, many Licensed Producers (LPs) are looking to outside partners to help them get their products to customers and make more money. To save money, LPs can outsource some of their materials to a trusted partner for cannabis tolling but keep control of their product development and packaging process.

In what way does Toll Processing work?

“Toll processing,” also known as cannabis tolling, toll processing, toll manufacturing cannabis, cannabis toll manufacturing, cannabis toll conversion, cannabis toll extraction, cannabis toll distillation, cannabis contract manufacturing, cannabis custom manufacturing, is when a licensed extraction facility processes another LP’s cannabis into oil for money. If an LP wants to use tolling, it will source or grow its biomass, then send it to a trusted partner who will then extract, refine, and formulate it to meet the LP’s needs. This could include THC or CBD distillate, crude oils, and even cannabis terpenes.

Do I need to do this?

Delta Separations ethanol extractor and Apeks Supercritical CO2 extractor

All the LPs can’t process their cannabis into the extracts they need for their Cannabis 2.0 products. Others might not be able to process the amount of data they need. A toll processing partner can help your business in many ways.

1. Customization
Toll processors can offer a wide range of customization options depending on your product. If you want to be different from your competitors and keep your brand unique, this is a good way.

2. The cost of labor is less
The price of having a team of experts and people who know how to use the equipment can be high for a business that isn’t very big. When LPs work with a toll processor, they can cut down on specialized labor costs so that the company can spend more time and money on other brand needs.

3. People in charge of getting the logistics together
Full-service processors can handle all the logistics from start to finish, including delivery times and transportation, so you don’t have to worry about them.

4. Having the ability to change things when you need to
Toll processing allows for flexible production without having to spend money upfront. This means shorter lead times on products, fixed costs, and the ability to change production levels as needed.

5. Streams of Waste
Trim and other byproducts are often considered waste, but toll processing this biomass can make low-cost extracts that can help make more money from cannabis 2.0 products.

6. People who know a lot
When you work with a team that knows everything there is to know about extracting and distilling, you don’t have to try new things. The team of experts allows LPs to be sure that they are getting high-purity bulk extracts for whatever retail products they want to make.

In search of the right partner

Vape Cartridge with distillate and a Delta Separations Cup 15 at Houdini Lab California

The least expensive option may not be the best choice when choosing a service. Even though word of mouth can be a good guide, doing your research ensures that critical information that could affect your decision is considered.

The right toll processing partner needs to answer questions first

If so, does the processor use a method like supercritical CO2 extraction that meets your brand needs? Is the processor able to get the amount of extract needed for your products while also maximizing efficiency and throughput?

• Does the processor have the tools and capacity to keep up with your extraction volumes?
• Does the processor provide types of concentrates from your biomass?
• Are there proper procedures to ensure the food is safe? It’s only as good as the standards that set them up.
• Is the company providing the toll processing services a California licensed manufacturer?
• Have you looked over all their quality control procedures? Including a software platform with the ability to track your product from when it arrives to when it leaves?

To see if the processor is a good match for your needs, ask for a tour of their office. Find a partner who can help your brand and its products stand out from the rest.

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