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Hemp Processing: Whole Plant vs. Flower-Only Hemp

The issue of deception in marketing is one that consumers have had to deal with from the beginning of advertising.
Jim Higdon, Co-Founder of Cornbread Cornbread Hemp, is tired of seeing misleading advertisements and being restricted by industry regulations. He is aiming to educate CBD consumers by using an analogy with a product you most likely already have in your house.

Jim Higdon, who lives in Kentucky, was a nationally famous writer who covered marijuana policy for Politico and the Washington Post before quitting his job to help co-found a premium CBD brand after noticing difficulties in the hemp market. He is now the CEO of the company. Cornbread Hemp was founded out of a goal to provide the highest-quality, full-spectrum CBD products possible by utilizing only flower-only extraction from organic hemp that was certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.


So, what’s the big deal with all the hemp buzzwords?

Unfortunately, due to the numerous limits imposed on CBD in regards to its wellness advantages, educating customers about the numerous CBD products available today is not as straightforward as one might expect it to be. Because of this uncertainty, “creativity” in advertising has gone awry when it comes to using deceptive language in advertisements.


In his rage, Higdon has created a visually appealing and accurate representation of the difference between a whole-plant CBD product and a flower-only CBD product in terms of appearance. He came up with the idea of using orange juice to demonstrate to buyers why a flower-only product is superior to a whole plant. It’s possible that you already understand the concept, but you should watch Cornbread Hemp’s new video to see for yourself!




While CBD products have been advertised as “new,” hemp has been around for millennia, despite confusing advertising strategies. Knowing that this was simply an attempt to distinguish legal CBD goods from unlawful THC-containing products in the minds of consumers, Higdon became even more determined to develop a brand that spoke about hemp in the proper manner. It is just the amount of THC present in each individual plant that distinguishes hemp from cannabis in terms of legality.


As a result of his understanding of the importance of the entourage effect in CBD supplementation, Higdon collaborated with his cousin, Eric Zipperle, to develop the world’s first full-spectrum flower-only USDA certified organic CBD product line. They were well aware going into the project that the amount of effort required to achieve this high level of quality may not be the most cost-effective method of producing CBD, but that didn’t matter to them. It ultimately came down to making the greatest product possible for the market. When it came to producing higher-quality products while keeping their prices competitive with whole-plant products, Cornbread Hemp stepped up to the task.



In his statement, Higdon explains that his interest in the perception of hemp and cannabis products stems from his personal experience as a child witnessing marijuana farmers, whom he knew to be good citizens in his community, being villainized in the media and dubbed “The Cornbread Mafia” by federal prosecutors following major busts during the Reagan administration’s Drug War.


This tradition and his strong Kentucky heritage inspire Higdon to state unequivocally that this region of the country has, and continues to be, capable of producing the highest-quality hemp available. As he put it, “…our commitment to cannabis excellence will not enable us to create anything other than the highest quality CBD.”


Hear Higdon discuss his roots in cannabis, what FDA regulation can do to benefit the conversation between CBD producers and consumers, why orange juice is the perfect descriptor for why Flower-Only CBD production is superior to whole-plant CBD production, and more in this episode of the Cannabis Podcast.