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Gassy Aroma Unlocks Terpene Pandora’s Box

What if we could recreate the fragrances of cannabis without using the psychoactive ingredient THC and apply it to a variety of businesses, from cosmetics and wellness to food and beverage production? ABSTRAX, a pioneer in cannabis research and a leading supplier of botanically derived terpenes, has found the key of cannabis fragrances, which they have dubbed “The Gas,” following significant research and collaboration with some of the top cannabis farmers in the United States. Having the ability to accurately reproduce the terpene compositions of the world’s most popular strains is a watershed moment for the whole business — including both manufacturers and consumers.

The fantastic technology that has given ABSTRAX a competitive edge in cannabis research — along with Max Koby, CEO and co-founder of ABSTRAX, and his brother and business partner Kevin Koby, CSO and co-founder — are revealed in this interview. We also discuss the tremendous opportunities that exist for every actor in the terpenes segment.


The terpene sector is one of the most rapidly expanding segments in the cannabis industry today. By 2024, analysts expect that the terpene segment of the taste and fragrance market will reach $2 billion in revenue. This will have an impact on a vast number of industries where cannabis aromas are desired, such as cosmetics and skincare, health and wellness, food and beverage, and so on.

To date, extracting the most desired flavors or gas from the plants is an expensive and time-consuming process, not to mention the THC content that must be considered. As a result, it is more difficult for businesses to develop their favorite cannabis fragrances or smells for consumer products such as tea or skincare.

On top of that, we are still discovering many components of cannabis plants — and determining the true advantages of each component will take time as we learn more about them. Unlocking the whole composition of the plants is a watershed moment in the industry’s history, as research will be able to demonstrate the true functions of each component.

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They are mind-blowing in that they enable them to not only replicate cannabis aroma profiles — which can be used for extensive research to ultimately help manufacturers better brand their strains — but also to educate consumers and, ultimately, to launch innovative products with cannabis-inspired flavors as a result of their discoveries.

ABSTRAX’s objective, as expressed by Koby, is to be a leader in the field of cannabis aroma and terpene exploration. Max believes that the gassy smell is the most difficult smell to master out of all of them. ABSTRAX, on the other hand, has been able to discover 400 fragrance components in cannabis plants following two years of research in California with experts from around the world.

“To measure the gas variables, we assembled a panel of industry experts and tastemakers,” Koby explains. ‘The amount and concentration of novel chemicals in The Gas is what distinguishes the strain and explains why it is so popular with fans,’ says the author. “We have built the most advanced cannabis analytics to determine whether strains have distinct scents from one another.”


As the terpene market continues to grow, ABSTRAX is making significant strides in its research into how to extract and recreate the terpenes found in popular strains such as Sherbinskis, JoshD, and Jack Herer that are identical to one another. “The cannabis plant is the most plentiful producer of terpenes — and terpenes are responsible for 46 percent of the fragrances!” says Josh D.

“This discovery and research will have long-lasting positive effects on the cannabis industry as a whole and provide extremely valuable insights,” says Josh Del Rosso, Founder and Managing Director of Josh D Farms. “This discovery and research will have long-lasting positive effects on the cannabis industry as a whole and provide extremely valuable insights.” “It will also assist us in further improving our OG genetics in order to provide the best consistency and product experiences possible

ABSTRAX collaborates with in-house PhD Chemists to assess the whole scent profile of cannabis plants utilizing advanced gas chromatography and a state-of-the-art type 7 licensed manufacturing lab. According to Koby, “We want to concentrate on extracting these substances and making life-changing discoveries that will help consumers.”


Manufacturers can rely on data generated by such technologies and discoveries about cannabis plants to develop their strains and identify the most desirable characteristics, allowing them to produce higher-quality products. ABSTRAX is also capable of developing botanically derived terpenes that can be replicated at the same quality and distributed throughout the world.


ABSTRAX has uncovered components that have never before been seen together in one place. Because of a variety of factors, the progress made in cannabis study is remarkable.

First and foremost, it provides producers with the opportunity to develop their brands and to know the exact composition of their strains, allowing them to educate a larger number of consumers about their popular product

For the second time, it enables the sector to have access to the lucrative terpenes market. According to Max Koby, this is both a challenging and interesting business. “We feel that the Terpenes market is the junction between cannabis and wellness, which are both worldwide rising industries,” he says.

To finish off, we now have an accurate understanding of what the cannabis plant is made of—we are able to find all of the components of the plant as well as how they might be utilised to permit the entire sector to generate fantastic products.


Finally, ABSTRAX is discovering novel chemicals in cannabis that will allow it to collaborate with universities to do medical research on the biological consequences of these compounds.