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Ethanol – a Versatile Cannabis Solvent

Ethanol extraction also called alcohol extraction provides a specific control throughout the extraction process and allows us to extract the precise amount of cannabinoids targeted. Ethanol has long been popular as the solvent of choice for cannabis extraction, and there are compelling reasons for this.

Ethanol extraction is a process that Houdini Lab performs using two Delta Separations  CUP-15 systems that deliver the ability to extract and target compounds from various plant materials, most importantly cannabis. Alcohol extraction is one of the extraction methods Houdini Lab uses the Centrifuge Utility Platform (CUP) which combines alcohol extraction with mechanical centrifugation to ensure that the extraction is high-quality and consistent. Ethanol THC extraction can target specific plant compounds through a set of programmable sequences, making it easier to separate what you want. The CUP systems can remove 97 percent of the alcohol from biomass, speeding up production and maximizing extraction yield.  

Ethanol is easy to use, but it’s also very versatile in that it can deliver an enormous diversity of desired end-products. This versatility makes it an ideal solvent for a wide array of full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes and isolate specific cannabinoids such as THC at scale. Ethanol Extraction can be an advantage if you intend to make ingestible, full-spectrum end-products.al

Speed. Ease. Craftsmanship

Our closed-Loop CUP systems streamline production times and maximize extraction yield.

Centrifuge Utility Platform

Our ethanol extraction systems designed by Delta Separations  are continuously taking US craftsmanship to the next level and the extracts it produces

Our testing standards meet or exceed every criterion set by California.
Licensed Laboratories
We utilize the best-in-class, licensed, 3rd party laboratories in California.
Zero Additives
We utilize the best-in-class, licensed, 3rd party laboratories in California.
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Converting biomass into extract in the form of oil, distillate, isolate and other forms in the great state of California.










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