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EcoGen Laboratories Interview

Founded with only eight people a few years ago, EcoGen Laboratories has developed into a firm with over 170 employees today, making it the largest vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of speciality hemp-derived compounds in the world. The company is one of the only ones on the market that designs and manufactures all of its own equipment. As opposed to many vendors that rely on tactics such as repurposing equipment, EcoGen’s products do not require any retrofitting or accommodating for existing machinery because each piece is designed and built by their team.

By improving every step of their process, the company ensures that as little harm as possible is done to the biomass from which they extract their products. Apart from that, their extraction procedure does not merely harvest CBD; rather, it extracts the maximum amount of cannabinoid and terpene content from the biomass that is possible. Because of their efficiency, they are able to be a very cost-effective supplier while simultaneously supplying a product that has an exceptionally long shelf life.


EcoGen is a global leader in the production of white label and completed goods. It has produced goods for some of the world’s most recognizable companies, which can be found on the shelves of CVS and Sephora, ranging from tinctures, candies, and soft gels to beauty topicals and hair products, among other things.


Although EcoGen’s primary source of revenue in 2018 was the supply of CBD, the market is increasingly interested in numerous other minor cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG, and CBC, which are now being researched by the company. Every one of these substances is actively being investigated for its potential pharmacological applications.


EcoGen is one of the few companies working to ensure the safety of customers in a market that has not yet been formally regulated.



Apart from putting forth the best service possible in their sector, EcoGen has also invested a significant amount of time and money in research and development of genetics. It is possible that they will achieve a breakthrough in the development of cannabis that is resistant to pollination, much like a seedless watermelon, in the near future. This development would be critical because no matter how much pollen plants were exposed to, they would still fail to become pollinated without it.


For producers, pollinated crops are a problem since, not only do they produce half the amount of cannabinoids that unpollinated plants generate, but they also contain 75 percent of their biomass in the form of seeds alone. Du Chesne went on to say that they “sold out of the first 30 million seeds in just three weeks,” according to the company. The following batch was completely sold out in ten days.


There are many different routes to cannabis.


In addition to hosting a Disney show and working as an actor, producer, and in virtually every other necessary function in the film industry for more than ten years, du Chesne was always affected by his mother’s illness, which left her unable to care for herself. CBD, on the other hand, altered her life.


Healing Ventures, which Du Chesne founded shortly after witnessing his mother’s health improvement, is a marketing and supply chain company that caters to brands looking to enter the CBD market. As a result of this effort, he became aware of all of the manufacturing challenges that plague the sector.


The partnership with EcoGen Laboratories came as a result of Du Chesne’s experience as a customer of the company and his appreciation for their high standards and independence. Today, he is in charge of everything, from finances to product development and worldwide market expansion, among other things.




Bringing Years of Experience and Expertise to the Table


Prior to establishing EcoGen, Joseph Nunez worked in the manufacturing sector of the industry, where he produced extraction equipment for the petroleum industry. He built equipment on a higher and larger scale until he was building devices that were too advanced for the cannabis sector. It was the popularity of hemp that allowed Nunez to actually put his knowledge to use; because hemp is exempt from many of the restrictions that apply to other crops, he was able to operate with considerably bigger numbers.


In contrast to hydrocarbon cannabis extraction machines, which typically process between 100 and 150 lbs per run, Nunez may create technology capable of processing between 8,500 and 10,000 pounds per run in the hemp business. During the early phases of the sector’s development, Nunez’s company was the only one that could provide such a service, according to Nunez.



Nunez stated that because everything generated by the company is designed to be scaled, he feels confident in giving his technology to companies as large as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. EcoGen’s technology efficiently processes large quantities of product, mining all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the biomass until less than 1 percent remains, while maintaining product quality.


EcoGen has already demonstrated that it is capable of collecting lesser-known cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp on an individual basis. Due to the fact that they will have more time to further their research, it appears certain that they will grow to become the leading firm in the provision of these chemicals, just as they are in the provision of CBD.


In terms of the future, EcoGen will soon be releasing strains that are particularly high in various cannabinoids, beginning with CBD and CBG. Also, they have already begun discussions with brands that will immediately launch them in more than 200 different countries once the transaction is finalized.