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Developments in Cannabinoid Transport

DehydraTECHTM delivers a healthy solution without the use of unhealthy delivery techniques (such as inhalation) or chemicals. It was designed to address typical issues that the industry faces, such as unpleasant taste, odour, and limited bioavailability (such as artificial sweeteners or genetic modifications).


A new drug delivery platform has been developed and patented by Lexaria Bioscience Corporation. This platform will change the way that APIs that are ingested orally are absorbed into the body. The innovation, which goes by the name DehydraTECHTM, is a technology that has been intended to boost the bioavailability of cannabinoids. This could be helpful to people who use cannabis for recreational purposes, patients who use marijuana for medical purposes, and doctors. Consumers will notice an enhancement in flavor as a result of this new technology, as well as a faster onset of effects as a result of the higher bioavailability. This is all thanks to the increased bioavailability.


How does it come into effect?


The processing and metabolism of the liver are bypassed using this approach since it is designed to encapsulate all active substances within a specific sort of lipid membrane. Instead, the metabolic process in the liver is avoided, and the active substances are absorbed straight into the bloodstream. This ensures that the absorption process is both effective and quick.


The cannabis business has been in need of a formulation that addresses the requirement for increased bio-absorption, flavor, and most importantly, efficacy. This need was met by the DehydraTECHTM formulation.


Following ingestion, the transport system begins functioning in two distinct areas:


Hepatic Transport – The metabolism that takes place within the liver is required for the biotransformation of active chemicals prior to their entry into the bloodstream. In other words, certain substances cannot function properly in the human body without the involvement of liver enzymes. Medium chain fatty acids are utilized by Lexaria’s DehydraTECHTM, which was developed specifically for the chemicals and medications in question. Before they are released into the general circulation, the portal vein is responsible for their absorption and delivery to the liver, where they are processed. This will be utilized in the event that the metabolism of certain medications in the liver is required prior to the formation of active chemicals.

Lymphatic Transport – In this scenario, it is normally essential that active chemicals which do not require liver metabolism have a quicker onset of action. Because lymphatic lacteals make use of long chain fatty acids and absorb them, the liver is circumvented and the chemicals go straight into the general circulation rather than being processed there. Those individuals who require speedy relief from pain, or rapid relief from other severe symptoms or diseases, can benefit tremendously from this improved speed of delivery.

In addition, the method can interact with both medium chain fatty acids and long chain fatty acids, which makes it easier to develop products that have both a quick and a slow release of their active ingredients. This delayed release could be useful in providing rapid and ongoing relief, which would typically last for several hours at a time.



The proprietary delivery technology known as DehydraTECHTM is one that is not only effective but also economical. The technology has been put through rigorous testing in both the lab and the market to verify its worth, and it has a number of advantages over the existing, more traditional ways of oral consumption, including the following:


The formulation has been created to eliminate both the taste as well as the smell of lipophilic chemicals, and it does not utilize any artificial flavorings or sweeteners. This results in an improvement in both the taste and the odor.

Acceleration of the pace of action; the researchers noticed the effects anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to 60 to 120 minutes after administration. The goal of this new technology is to reduce the amount of time it takes for consumers to see effects without requiring them to resort to procedures that include inhalation.

The rate of bio-absorption allows for three to ten times the typical absorption rates, which meets or surpasses the bio-absorption rate of procedures that involve inhalation. This results in improved bioavailability.

Avoids First-Pass Metabolism in the Liver – Early tests have shown that DehydraTECHTM could use the lymphatic system to enter into the general circulation, thereby bypassing the liver enzymes. This eliminates the possibility of adverse side effects and reduces the amount of liver biotransformation that occurs.



In a recently completed series of second-generation laboratory investigations with rodents, researchers were able to validate the results. According to the findings, the rate of nicotine administration rose by up to 195 percent. The pace of delivery increased to a peak level that was nearly four times faster than the typical rate.


At the moment, the formulation of the delivery system has the potential to be utilized in a successful manner in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of the nervous system. This method will receive additional attention from the research community.


In addition, the DehydraTECHTM technology has been researched using both in vitro and in vivo models of the disease. Both groups of experiments came up with findings that pointed to a higher level of intestinal bio-absorption. The increase that was noticed was five to 10 times larger after just 15 minutes of administration of the drug.



Lexaria intends to offer licenses to current firms so that they can make use of the cutting-edge DehydraTECHTM technology. The DehydraTECHTM technology that Lexaria has available can be utilized to make already existing items better. This technique can be used to improve the bioavailability of cannabis meals, beverages, and other ingestible goods by companies that are already producing or planning to offer them in the future. The vast majority of the existing fundamental components of a wide variety of processed food products are suitable for use with DehydraTECHTM.


The fact that the method uses only minuscule amounts of the lipid element makes it very cost effective. Furthermore, once businesses have obtained the appropriate licenses to use DehydraTECHTM, it can be added to everyday foods, beverages, or even capsules to improve the overall quality of cannabis products and cannabinoid medications. This can be done by enhancing the product’s properties and enhancing the product’s overall quality.