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When we talk about the potential benefits of cannabis for personal health, we tend to overlook that there is a great deal of misunderstanding regarding the many types of plants and the compounds they contain.


These are extremely crucial considerations, however, because how you approach cannabis makes such a significant impact in the results you receive from it!



The Dangers of Marijuana



The hemp and marijuana plants were once thought to be similar in that they both produced cannabis with a high concentration of THC, which was considered to be a positive attribute. The THC is the substance that science classifies as ‘psychotropic,’ meaning that it has a significant and immediate effect on your mind. When individuals talked about “getting high” and “reefer madness” and other such phrases, they were referring to this particular experience.



Despite the fact that marijuana had been totally decriminalized, these beliefs remained for decades, and those who consumed any form of cannabis were regarded as outlaws.



The next step is to discuss what THC works and some of the unique affects it has.



While many people report experiencing a good high or pleasant experience after using THC, many others report experiencing some fairly terrible things in their heads.



Paranoia and intense anxiety are frequently reported as side effects of using cannabis strains that have high concentrations of THC. People who are sensitive to this have reported difficulty distinguishing between strains that are safe and those that are not. People who previously enjoyed marijuana are very likely to obtain cannabis with THC for the first time and panic out because something has changed – whether it’s the level of THC or what the mind does with the sensations that it is receiving – as a result of this.



Many people are turned off to cannabis for good, or at least for a long period of time, after a few terrible excursions.



Leaving out the THC



What we’ve heard from a large number of our customers is that they appreciate the opportunity to obtain cannabis that is low in THC since it allows them to relax while also alleviating their anxiety without experiencing the more intense effects of THC, which may actually increase anxiety and paranoia.



CBD is a quiet, tranquilizing method of treating anxiety, whereas THC is either a really amazing high or a pretty dangerous trip, depending on your perspective…



Of course, this is unique to each individual, which is part of what makes it so unpredictable.



While marijuana with THC is being partially decriminalized, an increasing number of people are discovering that the most effective way to feel better is through the use of completely legal and stable CBD substances rather than dabbling in partially illegal and potent THC cannabis, where you have no control over the results.




This is important to discuss because it has impacted a large number of individuals. On Reddit, you can see how people are discovering CBD and appreciating the fact that it has no THC and is fully legal and harmless.