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California Cannabis Extraction
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California Cannabis Extraction

California Cannabis Extraction

Houdini Lab is an industrial scale provider of cannabis extraction services producing THC full and broad spectrum terpene rich THC Oil extraction in California.
We utilize a state-of-the-art, food grade, California cannabis extraction process to produce the highest quality THC oil with up to 94% concentration. Houdini Lab will fulfil any size order. Our mission is to create a partnership with the biomass suppliers and THC oil integrators to ensure mutual commercial success. At Houdini Lab, we believe there is a better way to  cannabis extract THC. For us, it isn’t about becoming the best large scale, industrial processor of cannabis products. It is about producing the best California cannabis extraction.

To realize this vision, our staff has travelled around the world to learn from scientists in the  cannabis extraction space, looked at the top equipment and hardware suppliers, and consulted with industry experts to perfect California cannabis extraction methodologies. The result is a proven  cannabis extraction process that works flawlessly and efficiently. We have designed its entire processes and manufacturing system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, cGMP, and organic processing. At Houdini Lab we provide total transparency from the biomass to the end of the cannabis extraction process.

California Cannabis Extraction

If you are in need of a industrial-scale  cannabis extraction services for cannabis in California , and THC oil, Houdini Lab  cannabis Extraction California Services provides the professionals required to provide the top quality product. Our team utilizes a cutting edge, cannabis extraction process to produce the finest quality THC oil with up to 93 % concentration with no impurities in California. We view ourselves as a partnership with our LPs and Brands and are looking to provide the very best  cannabis extraction process in California . We work closely with you to ensure your  cannabis extraction goes smoothly. We have designed a process that ensure high efficiency, potency, and consistency, and we are committed to collaborating with your staff to guarantee your  cannabis extraction goals are met. No matter what your production needs are, Houdini Lab in California\Cali will be there with you every step of the way.

Our process has been honed over half a decade.  Our team takes pride in our ability to work closely with licensed producers, cannabis cultivators, new brands, and established brands to provide customized high-quality products with pure ingredients. Houdini lab clients will discover the full potential of their Ca. cannabis crop. Our transparent  cannabis extraction process warranties that you will feel assured and happy about partnering with us. When working with a organization that has more than 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing, process control, and services. We will fulfil large contracts and offer flexible services and toll/split processing.  At Houdini Lab our desire is to form a partnership with the cannabis suppliers and Wholesale THC oil organization to guarantee commercial success.


Houdini lab collaborates with wholesale THC oil clients on the formulation and new product development. Rapid prototyping produces immediate feedback and quick turnaround times. From bulk THC oil white-label, Houdini Lab has your  cannabis extraction wants covered. 


California Cannabis Extraction

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Converting biomass into extract in the form of oil, distillate, isolate and other forms in the great state of California.










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