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What is the Purpose of BHO Extraction?

 BHO (Butane Hash Oil or Butane Honey Oil) is a concentrated cannabis extract with up to 90% THC content, making it the most potent cannabis concentrate on the market. It’s used to make topical treatments, vaping juices, edibles, and various other cannabis products.

BHO Extraction got its name from Butane, a light hydrocarbon. This extraction method is from the 1970s, and because Butane is so volatile, it can be hazardous if not done correctly.

BHO has changed the way extractions are done, thanks to hydrocarbon solvents. Cannabinoids are extracted with Butane under stress using specific materials. When butane gas comes into touch with cannabis plants, it causes the THC and terpenes in the plant matter to be extracted. Oils and waxes and a hard, brittle form known as “shatter,” can all result in distinct textures. “Dabbing” is the term for using BHO in its various forms.

THC Extraction on a Large-Scale Using Butane Extractors

 Closed-loop hydrocarbon extractors for BHO extraction are a form of cannabis extraction equipment that is both safe and effective. Butane extractors are intended for usage in C1D1 and C1D2 compliant industrial facilities. Butane extractors are incredibly efficient and can process material much faster and lower cost than CO2 extractors. Many individuals believe that Butane generates better-tasting concentrates than other extraction processes.

Because the highly flammable and combustible butane gas is not discharged into the atmosphere, large-scale THC extraction in a closed-loop hydrocarbon extractor is exceptionally safe. Instead, closed-loop butane extraction equipment recovers the Butane after passing through the plant material.

Low-pressure BHO extraction systems can operate at roughly 150 PSI. The regions around the extraction equipment should be appropriately ventilated following fire code to guarantee that the gas does not collect if the system leaks. In addition to ventilation, specific electrical wiring around the enclosure and special explosion-proof equipment inside the extraction space must be fitted to eliminate ignition sources.

BHO Extracts Come in a Variety of Forms

Butane is an excellent solvent for extracting cannabis. Butane can be used to make two different types of extracts. BHO wax and BHO shatter are the two types of BHO.

Live Resin

This extract has a waxy, lustrous look. It’s made up of a moist cannabis extraction that freezes when exposed to cold temperatures.

We will be able to get a better taste, aroma, and potency with this process of extraction than with the BHO, which uses dry cannabis. This extraction has an organoleptic profile that is very close to that of the plant when it is alive, retaining the qualities that are lost when cannabis is dried.


Sugar crumbles, wax crumbles, and butter wax are all subcategories of BHO Waxes and usually do not have a complete crystalline structure.

  • The surface of sugar crumbles is crystallized
  • Wax crumbles are easy to break apart, but they have a smooth, glossy surface
  • Butter waxes are creamy and silky, making them quite appealing
  • Shatter concentrates range in viscosity from thin and greasy to brittle and glassy
  • Temperature, humidity, and production procedures can all affect the final uniformity
  • It is distinguished by how translucent it seems; however, this does not always reflect its quality

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